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Beatle Places


Lived With

  • 9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree

Mother, Julia

  • 251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton

Aunt Mimi and Uncle George Smith

  • 3 Gambier Terrance

art-college students, including Stuart Sutcliffe

  • "Kenwood", Wood Lane, St. George's Hill Estate, Weybridge, Surrey

1964-1968, lived with wife, Cynthia

  • "Tittenhurst", London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire

1969-1971, lived here with wife, Yoko.

Last Beatles photo shoot shot here,August 22, 1969. Imagine album and video produced.

  • 105 Bank Street, Greenwich Village , New York

1971, lived with wife, Yoko

  • The Dakota, 1 West 72nd St

1972- present. John gunned down in front on December 8, 1980


  • 72 Western Avenue, Speke

  • 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton

  • 7 Cavendish Avenue, St. John's Wood, NW8, London (lived here 1966-1978, around the corner from Abbey Road)


  • 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree

  • 25 Upton Green, Speke

  • 174 Mackett's Lane, Woolton

  • "Kinfauns" 16 Claremont Drive, Esher, Surrey (1965-1969, lived here with wife, Pattie. Also demo tracks for the White Album recorded here)


  • 9 Madryn Street, Liverpool 8

  • 10 Admiral Grove, Liverpool 8

  • "Sunny Heights", South Road, St. George's Hill Estate, Weybridge, Surrey (1965-1968 lived with his wife, Maureen. Also "Blue Jay Way" footage filmed here)

  • "Tittenhurst", London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire (owned 1973-1988)

Brian Epstein


  • 197 Queen's Drive, Childwall

family home

  • 24 Chapel Street, SW1

died here on August 27, 1967

Beatle Schools


Attended By

  • Dovedale Road Infant and Junior School,

  • Dovedale Road, Liverpool 18

John and George

  • Quarry Bank Grammar School,

  • Harthill Road, Liverpool 18


  • The Liverpool Institute,

  • Hope Street/Mount Street

Paul and George

  • Liverpool College of Art, Hope Street/Mount Street


The Quarry Men and The Beatles



  • St. Peter's Church, Church Road, Woolton

Where Paul and John first met

  • Casbah Coffee Club, 8 Haymen's Green, West Derby

Pete Bests' home and basement club

  • Jacaranda Coffee Bar, 23 Slater Street, Liverpool

Allan Williams owned this

  • Aintree Institute, Longmoor Lane, Aintree

Popular Beatles haunt

  • Town Hall Ballroom, Hatton Hill Road, Litherland

The bands 1st experience with Beatlemania

  • Cavern Club, 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool

Beatles played here a lot

  • The Grapes, Mathew Street, Liverpool

Where they drank

  • NEMS, 12-14 Whitechapel

Brian Epsteins' music store

Hamburg, Germany



The Indra

34 Grosse Freiheit

The Kaiserkeller

36 Grosse Freiheit

The Top Ten Club

136 Reeperbahn

The Star-Club

39 Grosse Freiheit

Known Beatle Places

Known Beatle Places

  • Penny Lane, Liverpool 18

  • Strawberry Fields, Beaconsfield Road, Liverpool 25. (Salvation Army home)