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Magic Bus
Strangeways                                              Sanctuary

Jailbreak is one of our great team-building adventures through the hard streets of Manchester.

This one really takes no prisoners!

Will your team be the one to get from Strangeways to Sanctuary?

Follow our testing trail and compile your evidence for the Court House trial.

Enjoy a drink from the losing team of Jailbirds!


Tired of getting screwed? Bored to death with Murder Mysteries??

Break Out with JAILBREAK!

We might need mugshots, fingerprints, forensic evidence, initiative, and a developed and strategic will to escape the Long Arm of the Law! Keep on the lookout for assistance from : Mr Nasty, The Squealer, Greater Manchester Police, Mr Big, or use your "Get Out Of Jail" passport - at a heavy price!

If your team can show enough initiative you will make a clean getaway to Sanctuary. Fail, and you could remain handcuffed & behind bars for a long stretch!

Rough Justice Indeed!

Magic Bus
Strangeways                                              Sanctuary

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